She is well now

She is not sick anymore. I’m so glad that my little girl is well now. After taking medicine especially antibiotic, all the viruses were now gone. Antibiotic really makes her better. She takes it from me because like my little girl, I will not get better if I haven’t taken any antibiotics yet. I immediately asked Didhie to buy antibiotics for her. And now, she’s really good and well.


Thanks for the medicine that really helped my daughter felt better. She is now back as the very cool and naughty YUSHIN, he he.


She’s sick

I am so much worried about my little girl. She’s sick right now. Last night before I go to work I left my girl sick. She has fever and her temperature is high. Until now, my mom texted me that my little girl is still sick. She was asking for her medicine, maybe she’s not really feeling well. Mom said that she keeps on saying “I’ll take my medicine Lola”.


After my shift I’ll take her to her Pedia, I hope my girl gets well soon. 😦

She should be disciplined…

Yesterday, we had this small celebration for my brother and his girlfriend’s 7th year anniversary. They invited some of our friends and we had this drinking session with them. I didn’t notice that my little girl was very sleepy, so when I asked her to sleep, she cried a lot. LOL

She had this tantrums that for the first time in my life I witnessed. I was about to get mad at her but because she was doing a lot, it led me to laughed out loud. Me, including our friends saw it and they said it’s unbelievable. So, I took a video of her having her tantrums.

Yushin has known for being a good girl in our place. Before, she didn’t know how to bully friends and got fight with them. But now, since almost her friends are older than her, when she makes fight, they just ignore her and don’t fight her back. I always tell her not to be bad with friends, she should lend them her toys and play with them but sometimes, a brat gets out of her nest and explode! LOL

Mom told me that my little girl just copied those traits from her friends also. I know it’s hard to avoid but of course, prevention is better than cure. So, I should break the horn before it grows. I should know how to discipline her but should be in a good way.